Vision Mission & R.X.Tree


        To be the leader in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Healthcare Products , focusing on value creation to all


        Customer : To focus on the provision of the top quality products and excellent service to our customers at competitive prices

        Employees : To provide our staff with working security , welfare, training, education and self-improvement. Respect individual initiative and personal growth by his own dignity and merits

        Partners : To develop the relationship with our business partners on mutual benefits

        Society : To contribute the society with the highest possible benefits

        Shareholder : To take responsibility for our shareholders by offering reasonable profits


Values "Rx Life"

R Relationship To encourage an intimate relationship with customers and stakeholders to earn stronger confidence and long-term loyalty

X Xcellence To concentrate on delivering excellent products and services beyond customer expectations

Learning To enhance personnel learning, knowledge sharing, continuous improvement and develop the company towards a learning organization

I Innovation To change and improve quality of products, working process, and innovation for creating new value to customers and stakeholders

F Fact   Evaluation , performance measurement and indicator shall at all times be based on logical analysis of the fact data and information, not personal feeling

E Ethics To perform business with transparency and integrity, uphold the company's code of ethics, values and regulation